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We are team of talanted designers, developers and marketing professionals making websites, android applications, ios applications and marketing with various technologies.

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About Binarytech Technologies.

Binarytech Technologies is a technology company and solution provider of next-gen business team up with clients all through the world. With remarkable experience, comprehensive system over differing enterprises and areas, we work with clients to transform them into some of the most fruitful and elite organization. Established in 2015, Binarytech Technologies is headquartered at Mumbai India we started as a Binarytech Digital Education to teach computer related things. Binarytech Technologies is a talented, approachable team of designers, developers and digital marketing consultants with office in India. Our team of digital specialists has consistently delivered positive business results for our clients. Established in 2015, we started out with a small team of 5 members. But our business has rapidly grown and we now have 50 member’s team serving a bunch of eminent clients. We pride ourselves on being a proactive and personable company with dedicated professionals in our team who give their 100% to every project from conceptualisation to implementation …. and sometimes beyond!!


To be a leading software house that revolutionizes process for living and working by creating intelligent, innovative technology solutions.


Providing – customer satisfaction
Through – excellent performance
Creating – technological landmarks


Our clients’ businesses come first, and we strive to make your business a success.


To empower and help to grow business digitally.


We provide our services in Retail & ECommerce ,Healthcare, Online Education, Banking & Finance, Media & Advertising, SEO , Marketting etc.

Web Development

Looking for creative and professional web designing company in India? Binarytech Digital Solution is a leading website designing and development company in India. We design, develop, and redesign, custom, SEO Friendly and responsive websites and mobile applications at affordable prices.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Want to promote your business online? Looking for the Best, affordable and professional search engine marketing company in India? Binarytech Digital Solution is a result-oriented digital marketing agency based in Allahabad. We offer affordable PPC, Link Building, Local SEO, Bulk Email Marketing and SEO services in India.

Professionals For Online Institute

We provide a professional team to manage youtube related things like live event and etc. with professional designer and camera operators.

Mobile App Development

We provide a complete range of Mobile app development services for startups, midsize company, and fortune 100 companies.

Custom Software Development

We have more than 3 years of experience in building, managing and supporting custom software solutions.

Software Support & Maintenance

We carries out services in the sphere of Application Management, besides building software from the crux.


High-quality Code

It is a no-brainer that if the development team delivers high-quality code, gaining client’s trust and satisfaction more and more companies will be interested in working with them. Because of the huge number of software houses, it is easy to find those lacking experience and writing poor code. With software development outsourcing you usually want to speed up your projects, gain specific skills, scale the team, add new features or just build the application form scratch.We are the company who write high quality code for our clients.

Trustful Communication

Almost every article about outsourcing says that communication is the key to outsourcing success. If you communicate well, there is no space for misunderstandings, setbacks and failures. It is super important for the developers to stay in touch with the client, constantly informing them about the progress made or challenges encountered. And when I write developers I mean developers - the people who actually do the job - not project or account managers.

According to our client Vagesh as Directoer at Chandra, it’s important to allow developers to take responsibility for their work, give them free rein to follow their instincts when solving things. You should be able to trust them as your own team.

Full-stack teams

If you contract a software house and would like to get a custom software solution, you, in most cases, will expect to get a finished product by the end of the contract. That means, that the software development team will be responsible for each step of the development process. This is why you should look for a software outsourcing company which is able to deliver both front-end and back-end developers together with UX/UI and graphic designer. It’s also important to check if you can leverage SDH’s internal experts' skills and industry expertise to speed up the product time to market.

Our professionals has profession in

  • Angular, Laravel, Bootstrap, Android
  • Node js, php, Java, Pyhton
  • Coral Draw, Photoshop

Agile Approach

Agility is about creating a product as a result of a collaborative effort of a self-organized and cross-functional team together with its clients. It is about constant delivery of business value and the ability to respond to change. Agile software development includes practices like pair-programming, test-driven development, daily stand-ups, sprints and planning sessions. By making use of those practices software development teams are able to be more productive, motivated and happy. All developers should be not only familiar with such agile approaches as Scrum or Kanban but be aware of agile philosophy and principles as well. Our software development experience teaches us that agile and customer-centered approaches are great for :

  • successive iterations,
  • close collaboration with clients
  • lowering costs and risks
  • minimising waste and maximising value delivered


  • All
  • App
  • Web

Binarytube Android Application

Chandra Institute Allahabad

Chandra Institute Android Application

Binarytech Digital Education

GK Rajasthan Android Application

Hamara Samay

Chandra Online


Chandra Notes


Meet with our team

Ankit Desai

Chief Executive Officer & Developer

Rohit Bansal

CEO & CTO & Designer

Atul Shukla

Product Manager & Developer

Ashish Mishra

Product Manager & Developer


Team Leader & Developer

Bablu Kumar

Team Leader & Developer

Mritunjay Barun

HR Head


Marketing Head


These are simple pricing.


25k Renewal charges for 2k per year

  • Website
  • Admin Panel
  • Android Application
  • 1 Month Maitenance Free
  • Website Hosting Server
  • SEO ( Search engine optimization)
  • Free 50k Bulk sms for otp
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88kRenewal charges for 25k per year

  • Responsive Website
  • Self managed Admin Panel
  • Android Application
  • 6 Month Maitenance and online support
  • Website Hosting Server (Deluxe)
  • SEO for 6 month
  • Digital Marketing 3 Month
  • Real time team support for 3 months
  • Free 50k Bulk sms for otp
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